• Learning and Development

    Investment in our people is vital as we want our team to remain passionate and motivated, to ensure our food services constantly evolve. Creating an atmosphere that customers look forward to coming back to, requires much more than just great standards. It depends on consistency, appropriateness attention to the fine details, passion, flair, creativity and pride. These principles are often intangible but need to be delivered each day by our team. Investing in specific training plans for every team member helps create this atmosphere , not only does it install basic skills but a passion for excellence, a commitment to driving get sales and an entrepreneurial spirit.

    We have multiple avenues of training within Searcys. First is our internal program, which is delivered by our in-house training team, with courses that are specifically tailored to our venues. These are regularly scheduled training sessions in the areas of people, finance, supervisory skills, health and safety and food safety to which any venue can send any staff team member in need of training. These courses are our core modules. In addition to our core modules we have a learning and development program from which teams choose courses and their line manager may suggest enrolling as part of their own personal development. Our training isn’t just limited the face to face. We have a number of engaging e-learning modules, videos, webinars as well as tools to contribute to effective on-the-job training.

  • Searcys School of Service

    The aim of the school is to drive consistency throughout all of our venues. Ensuring that everyone understands the care and hospitality needed to drive exceptional service and encourage customers to return. The school trains three core courses. They are: The Searcys customer journey, School of Service Essentials and the School of Service Masterclass.

  • Sales Academy

    Our Sales Academy teaches our team the most successful and proven techniques empowering them with key skills necessary for exceptional sales performance. During the academy, our Sales Team will learn how to handle enquiries, influence and negotiate with current and potential clients, methods in pro-active selling as well as effective account management.


    Our Chef Development programme has been designed by Darren Deadman, Culinary Director to facilitate the development of core and advanced culinary skills for our chefs. The programme aims to develops the resource management and leadership skills of our chefs at all levels through a series is masterclasses tailored to each specific chef role.


    During these modules our managers and leaders will learn to inspire and lead others by better understanding themselves and how they relate to people and situations. The programme will develop personal leadership skills, helping managers and leaders to achieve their professional goals and deliver results for Searcys.