• By using the freshest, best-quality ingredients sourced responsibly from local suppliers, we are creating a better experience for our customers, the community, and the environment.


    We are ensuring sustainability is at the heart of our business, with a series of sustainability pledges across our iconic and exclusive restaurants, bars and events venues.

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    We have pledged to buy the best ingredients available, working with British farmers to ensure that up to 90% of all seasonal fruit and vegetables used in the menus is grown in the UK.


    Our sustainable practices pledges include an assurance to reduce the use of plastic, switching to metal cutlery, china crockery and glassware for food consumed in our cafes. Where disposable packaging is unavoidable, it will be minimised and aligned with the company’s strict waste management protocols. Furthermore, we have also completely eliminated the use of plastic straws across all our venues and events.


    Matthew Thomas, Managing Director, says, “Our aim is to recruit and retain the best industry professionals by providing competitive pay, as well as an excellent and safe working environment.”

  • Sustainable Coffee Partnership

    We have partnered with Extract Coffee Roasters, a sustainable roaster in Bristol. Each batch is 100% speciality-grade Arabica coffee, roasted and checked by hand to ensure consistent flavour for every customer.

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