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  • Wedding Cake Trends with Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

    19 January 2024

    Choosing your dream wedding cake with Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

    Wedding planning is like a wild rollercoaster – thrilling, sometimes chaotic, but undeniably fun. Amidst the whirlwind of decisions, there’s one choice that adds a delicious twist to the adventure – the wedding cake. It’s not just a dessert; it’s the sweet finale that should be as unique as the couple saying, “I do.” So, grab a fork and get ready to dive into the world of wedding cake trends with Searcys and Elizabeth Solaru of the multi-award-winning Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium.

    How do you make a cake unique to each person?

    Personalisation is at the heart of my cake design process. I start by engaging in detailed consultations to understand each person’s quirks, passions, and style.

    From there, I incorporate personalised elements, be it an edible jewel, a favourite flower, a monogram, a beloved quote subtly inscribed, or even mirroring their personal aesthetic. Each cake becomes a bespoke creation that tells a story and resonates with the person’s unique essence.

    What wedding cake trends are you seeing in 2024?

    Wedding cake trends are currently embracing diversity. Designs range from modern and minimalist, sleek geometrics to romantic florals and bohemian-inspired textures. Multi-tiered cakes continue to be popular, offering a canvas for creative expression with the use of edible paints, lustres and wafer paper.

    However, one-tiered wonders have not been left out, Individual mini cakes and other small treats such as tarts, mini pies and pastries are quite in demand too. In terms of flavours, couples are exploring beyond traditional choices, leaning towards unique pairings like passionfruit and vanilla bean or mocha hazelnut.

    Understanding and respecting dietary requirements is at the core of my approach. For those with gluten sensitivities, I offer a selection of gluten-free options without compromising on the deliciousness. In the world of cake design, inclusivity is key. Whether it’s accommodating nut allergies, adhering to specific cultural dietary practices, or navigating other dietary preferences, I am committed to working closely with clients to create a cake that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

    Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that every slice of cake brings joy to the palate, regardless of dietary considerations. By offering a diverse array of flavours and taking into account individual dietary needs, I aim to make the cake experience an inclusive and delightful journey for all.

    What previous trends are you forecasting a comeback for?

    I anticipate the return of timeless elegance in wedding cake trends. Classic designs with intricate lace patterns, delicate sugar flowers, and a touch of vintage sophistication are making a resurgence. The beauty of these timeless elements is their ability to blend seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics, offering couples a perfect fusion of old-world charm and modern allure.

    A growing trend in wedding celebrations is turning the traditional cake-cutting moment into a live theatrical performance. Be it the cake dropping from the ceiling or rising from the ground. This year will see a rise in skilled cake artists taking centre stage, crafting the cake live and showcasing a captivating journey of culinary artistry. The process, from unveiling ingredients, and the assembly of the cake, to the grand reveal, will engage guests in a shared experience, transforming the reception into a theatre of taste.

    What has been the most extravagant cake you have made, and how long did it take?

    There’s been so many and it’s always an honour for us at Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium to pour our all into creating and crafting a bespoke cake for all our events. One of my favourite wedding cake creations often involves palaces because how do you rival such splendour? For the Palais Liechtenstein, we created a 20-tier gold and white creation for one of the most remarkable weddings I’ve ever seen. This towering six-foot creation featured meticulous sugar flowers, intricate detailing, and edible gold leaf accents. The sheer complexity of the design demanded around 300 hours of dedicated work. The result was a show-stopping masterpiece that not only met but thankfully exceeded the extravagant expectations of the event.

    What advice would you give to couples deciding on a wedding cake?

    Selecting a wedding cake is a journey that should reflect your unique love story. Beyond the visual appeal, consider the symbolism and personal touch. Engage in thorough tastings to discover flavours that resonate with your palate. Additionally, draw inspiration from your wedding theme, incorporating elements that seamlessly integrate into the overall aesthetic. Trust your instincts and collaborate closely with your cake designer to ensure the final creation is a true reflection of your individuality and shared journey.



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