• Sustainable Coffee Partnership

    9 April 2018

    Restaurateur and event caterer Searcys has partnered with Extract Coffee Roasters, a sustainable roaster in Bristol, to deliver premium-quality coffee across Searcys’ host of iconic events venues. Working closely with their producers, each batch is 100% speciality-grade Arabica coffee, roasted and checked by hand, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure the flavour is consistent for every customer.

    The team at Searcys is dedicated to ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of the business, right down to every cup of coffee served. Delegates attending boardroom meetings, conferences or
    celebratory dinners at any of their flagship venues can expect that the coffee they are drinking has been selected for its superior taste and ecological credentials.

    Matthew Thomas, Managing Director at Searcys says, “Coffee is a really important product in a customer’s experience and so often seen as the benchmark of quality. We are proud to use Extract Coffee Roasters as our sole provider, together we have crafted a blend that tastes delicious and has been sustainably sourced too.”

    This is a natural partnership, as Extract Coffee Roasters is steadfast in their commitment to sustainable practices and is an active member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association. The company champions Direct Impact sourcing where the team has a hands-on relationship with their suppliers, teaching them to embrace more innovative farming and processing techniques that benefit the environment and improve local earnings within the community.

    Searcys’ espresso has been specially blended by the team and Extract Coffee, using 60% Project Peru directly sourced from an organic cooperative of smallholders who work closely with Extract to build a quality-pays ethos in their community. The other 40% is Colombian Marianela from a farm run by a pioneering family of agronomists with a commitment to environmental sustainability, and where parts of the farm have nature reserve status and include a protected waterway.

    Back on home shores, Extract Coffee works in tandem with The Passage charity, providing barista training for homeless and vulnerable adults. Their four hard- working, vintage roasters have been lovingly restored by themselves and run off 90% renewable electricity, with 100% of the coffee waste recycled into bio-methane and bio-fertiliser.

    “We have enjoyed working with Searcys to define their new coffee offering,” says Lee Bolam, Director of Extract Coffee Roasters. “It has been wonderful to see the passion and commitment of the Searcys team to serve exceptional quality and ethically sourced coffee within its iconic venues. Our sustainable approach to business and direct impact sourcing, energised by our amazing team of roasters, barista trainers and technicians, gives us a fantastic base to create a strong culture of speciality coffee within Searcys.”

    Searcys’ sustainability pledges also include an assurance to reduce the use of plastic, switching to metal cutlery, china crockery and glassware for food consumed in Searcys’ cafes. Where disposable packaging is unavoidable, it will be minimised and aligned with the company’s strict waste management protocols.