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  • 20% off Searcys coffee

    21 May 2020


    Extract Coffee Roasters started life in a garden shed in 2007, Bristol, with a mission to Make Coffee Better. Extract has restored four vintage roasters by hand, travelled the world meeting coffee farmers, and training thousands of Baristas across the UK. They champion direct impact sourcing by having a hands-on relationship with the growers, working on innovative farming and processing techniques that benefit the environment and improve local earnings within the community.


    Searcys is extremely proud to use Extract Coffee Roasters as a sole provider across our restaurants, bars, cafes, and event venues, and now you can brew a cup of Searcys coffee at home, courtesy of their online shop.

    Our coffee is ethically sourced, perfectly crafted and each blend comes with its own unique story. Searcys’ espresso has been specially blended by our roasters using 60% Project Peru, directly sourced from an organic cooperative of smallholders,  and 40% Colombian Marianela from a farm run by a pioneering family of agronomists with parts of the farm having nature reserve status.

    Each batch is 100% specialty-grade Arabica coffee, roasted and checked by hand, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure the flavour is consistent for every customer. The coffee is roasted on vintage machines, rescued from scrap, and brought back to life by Extract team.


    To receive 20% off Searcys Espresso and Sugarcane decaf, please quote ‘searcys20’ during checkout.  This offer includes free delivery. Please allow 3-5 working days to receive your order. Valid until 31 July 2020. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and promotions. 






    Here’s what you’re going to need:

    • A Cafetiere / French Press
    • A portable grinder
    • Scale
    • Timer
    • Mug / Vessel of some kind
    • Oh, and some bloody good coffee

    Weigh & grind your coffee

    This is key to getting your brew tasting consistently good. Have a look at ‘The Golden Rules’ to find out more. If you’re brewing for 2 people, you will need 35g of coffee and 500ml water. Aim for a coarse grind.

    Water in

    Pour gently and slowly the full 500ml onto the coffee grounds and give it a stir. Start your timer, and after 1 minute agitate and stir the grounds that have settled on the surface of the water. These need re-introducing to the body of liquid for even extraction. Leave for 4 minutes in total.

    The plunge

    Pop the plunger and lid onto the pot of coffee and slowly press down. You shouldn’t feel too much resistance.

    Serve & Enjoy

    Surprisingly, this is one of the most important steps with this method, and typically the step most forgotten! Decant the entirety of the coffee as soon as you’ve plunged, it will limit the amount of fines or sludge in your cup, and reduce over-extraction.

    Click here and treat yourself to some Extract goodies.

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