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    12 June 2020


    We are proud to have the Beyond Food Foundation as our nominated charity for over 2 years. They have been working to offer a way out of homelessness for hundreds of beneficiaries who have gone on to work in professional kitchens and catering environments. The founder Simon Boyle says, “Beyond Food was lucky to be selected for the Aviva Community Fund crowdfunding support programme.

    Covid-19 has hit our industry so very hard, but for those with vulnerabilities and who are new to the sector, the stakes are really high. We’ve been doing everything we can to continue to provide support to help them weather the storm.”

    By supporting the charity with a donation of £50, you will receive an amazing new cookbook with over 120 inspiring recipes brought to you from chefs across the hospitality industry, including Searcys chef director, Darren Deadman.



    What’s the problem?  

    The hospitality industry is in crisis.

    “It was the first to take a hit, the hardest hit, and will take the longest to recover.” Kate Nicholls, CEO of UK Hospitality.

     Since the Coronavirus outbreak hit the UK:

    • 30,000 pubs, restaurants and bars may be forced to remain closed post-lockdown – putting up to 1 million jobs at risk
    • The eating out market in the UK is forecast to contract by 60-70% in 2020
    • 200,000 people were laid off from the hospitality industry in February and March this year

    What does this mean for the 3 million people in the UK who are employed by the industry?

    For one in three of them, it could mean there will be no job to go back to. Suddenly, with their income and livelihood denied, many will find themselves facing homelessness for the first time. According to the Guardian, this is already apparent on the streets of London. The number of newly homeless ex-hotel and restaurant staff is “disturbing”, and hospitality homelessness is “one of the really distressing new [consequences]” of this crisis.

    Think about the last time you went for dinner. Of the waiter who greeted you, the chef who cooked your meal and the kitchen porter who washed your plates when you were done – at least one of these people faces losing their job, and becoming vulnerable to homelessness.


    What do we do now?    

    Beyond Food is a charity helping London’s homeless people, and those at risk of homelessness, rebuild their lives.  They provide practical supportaccredited training and help in finding work placements and permanent employment – the key to securing a tenancy and achieving financial independence.

    In the last 9 years they have helped over 3,500 people rebuild their lives and gain independence.

    At Beyond Food they:

    • Inspire and motivate people to rise above barriers to employment and housing
    • Provide support, guidance and encouragement; building confidence and self esteem
    • Deliver training in a range of transferable and specific skills
    • Help to secure work placements and employment

    There are many areas which will survive, and even thrive, post COVID-19. Beyond Food have created a new training programme launching this Summer to help people re-imagine, re-educate and re-ignite their careers in hospitality and the wider food industry.

    The programmes give people the skills and support to prevent and break the cycle of homelessness.


    How you can get involved…

    Beyond Food has adapted the usual ways of working to continue to provide distanced support to current and recent beneficiaries. They are also helping people to re-imagine and re-ignite their careers, and need to raise funds to support this crucial work.

    They have created a unique cook book, ‘feast with purpose‘, with some of the country’s top chefs. It’s a celebration of amazing talent: from up-and-coming apprentices to executives and chef-patrons.

    Feast with purpose‘ will be exclusively available to donors of this campaign. As the production costs of the book have been generously donated, 100% of your money will go to the Beyond Food Foundation – supporting those in the hospitality sector severely affected by COVID-19, especially those vulnerable to homelessness.

    Many have been dealt a tough blow: as well as experiencing the shared challenge of the virus, they also face losing their jobs, homes and livelihoods.


    By donating today, you are supporting the most vulnerable people in the hospitality industry.

    Your donation of

    £10 pays for internet access for an apprentice to continue training remotely

    £28 allows us to provide food support for a client experiencing financial hardship

    £47 pays for an hour’s counselling for someone in mental health crisis

    £89 will provide a skills training session for someone transitioning to a new role

    £216 covers the cost of a half day workshop with a Coaching mentor

    To thank you for your support Beyond Food have put together some amazing rewards:

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